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Friday, December 12, 2014

Useful Tips and Tricks in Windows 7

In this tutorial i will show you useful tips and trick in Windows 7 to keep it in top performance :

-Disable unnecessarily program that run in windows startup:
 Sometimes when you install a new softwares, they automatically run when you start windows and to prevent that simply go in software setting and uncheck this option. or go in statrup → run → type msconfig → a new windows will appear → go in startup option and uncheck all unnecessarily programs ( for me i check just my antivirus) and restart your computer.

-Back up your registry:
most of time we forget to save a copy of our registry so when something not good happens we can back up it.  in the past i was downloaded a crack from Best Blackhat Forum and that crack was infected and it hurt my registry. but because i was back up my registry before, all was fine.
this is how to save a copy from your registry :
go in startup → run → type regedit→ in file tab choose export, name it as you which and click save :

registry backup

if you want to backup it just do all above steps but this time click import then choose the registry backup file.

-Repair problems of system:
 To do that you need a litte tool called FixWin  you can download it from here : FixWin 1.2
this is a screenshot about this tool :


-Prevent others to access your registry and damage it:
To prevent hackers to access your registry go in startup→run→type gpedit.msc → user configuration→administrative tools → system → double click : prevent access to registry editing tools and choose enbaled

prevent others to access to your registry
if you want to edit your registry again just do the steps above and choose "not configured"

-Update your drivers without programs:
 to update your drivers without  softwares go in startup→run and type : devmgmt.msc → right lick to the driver you want to update and choose properties → details → and copy the name of your driver :

driver manager
now visit that site ( you must internet explorer)  : Catalogue Microsoft Update

install the extension then go in search bar and paste the name of your driver you wll get all version of your driver :

catalogue microsoft update

choose the version you want to download and add it then click download, select the location of the downloaded driver and click next, wait until download finish , 

 -Enable GodMode feature:
by enabling this feature you can control up to 274 windows feature easily :


to enable it just create new folder and name it : GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

I hope you like this tips and if you have any questions just leave a comment.


  1. you're welcome mehmet :) i will make more useful articles in the feature inshallah