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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Blue Screen Of Death problem and how to analyze it

Hi guys in this tutorial i will show you what is a Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD), what's the cause of it then how to analyze it correctly.
BSOD is one of the annoying and upsetting problem can happens to Windows Operating System.
This Blue Screen appear when windows facing a serious errors that can make damage to your system files or even to your hardware pieces, so the system stop working and restart the computer to prevent this type of damage.
Blue Screen Of  Death can caused by many problems :

1- Conflict Between drivers : a conflict between two or more drivers can happens when two or more drivers have the same IRQ number, and that conflict will cause sometimes a BSOD, so to check if a driver its not conflict with another one, right click in my computer and click properties then click in device manager in your left →click on display then choose resources by connection :

device manager

 then click to interrupt request (IRQ) → check all drivers who have the same number, to see if  a conflict  message appear or there are no conflict between them by right click on the driver → properties → resources → conflicting device list. if  no conflict exist that's fine, if yes just change the IRQ number in resources settings.

2- Bad driver update : sometimes when we update a driver from untrusted sources ( especially the graphic card driver ) or  incorrectly re-install an old driver by a new one. then execute something related to this hardware ( for example i run a game or video ) the blue screen appear.
so the best way to update a driver is to visit the motherboard manufacturer website ( if you have the graphic card integrated with the motherboard), or visit the graphic card manufacturer website ( if you have a dedicated graphic card), and download the driver from it.
you can also check my tutorial to How To Re-install Your Drivers Correctly  and  How to know detailed information about your computer, update your drivers easily

3- Hardware Malfunction : Blue Screen can also caused by a hardware . and that type of stoppage is the worst, because if a hardware stopped working properly, then give you an error message, you must change it by a new one, and that will cost you a lot of money.
so always when you want to build ( or cloned) a new computer , check the compatibility between hardware by searching deep in the internet.
- always buy RAM from the same manufacturer, and with the same frequency.
- clean your computer and fans from dust 2 days in week to prevent overheating.
- don't use big programs and games in your computer unless you have a strong computer that have the capability to run these kind of tools.
- from time to time check your hardware if they work fine or not by using some useful tools such as :
Memtest : to check if RAM work without problems or not.
HD tune : to check the performance of your hard drive. and also scan it for errors and bad sectors, then check the temperature of it
Video Memory stress test : to see if your graphic card work correctly or not.
also you can use all in one tool called hiren's boot to diagnostic your hardware.
- stay away from overclocking your CPU or your Graphic Card , because if you don't know what you doing, you will just ruin your PC. and maybe damage your hardware.

To troubleshoot the blue screen problem, you need to analyze the dump file ( located in  C:\Windows\Minidump ) to know what happens when your computer stop with a tool called Windbg, Windbg is a windows debugging tool that have the capability to give you a valuable information about the cause of the blue screen of death. and there are several ways to analyze the dump files with this tool ( depend of the kind of the blue screen you had ).
you can see those two videos in youtube to see a live example to how debug with windbg. the first video called : Windows Debugging and Troubleshooting. and the second is : Hardcore Debugging 
also you can read   Advanced_Windows_Debugging and WinDbg from A to Z those two books are great to know how this tool work and how to analyze and troubleshoot correctly the dump file.
I hope this article help people who face The blue screen problem. and if you have any question or feedback just leave a comment here or in my facebook fanpage .  if you like this step by step tutorial, SHARE it in any platform you want :) .   


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  2. Thanks this is great at least I now know what is behind the blue screen of death

  3. your welcome sames muteba i try to do my best to explain that bad problem and what cause it.