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Sunday, November 2, 2014

How to make your computer boot from USB even if your bios does not support that

Hi in this tutorial i will teach you how you can boot your computer from USB even if your bios does not support this feature.
The first thing you need to do is download a tool called Plop Boot Manager :


Plop Boot Manager is a small tool have great features like boot from USB without bios support, boot from CD/DVD and FLOPPY also without bios support, and many other useful features you can find them here : Plop Boot Manager Official Website

After you download plop boot manager, extract it and click on Windows folder, right click to this file :
InstalltoMBR.bat and run it as administrator. a cmd window appear. in this windows they ask you if you want to add the plop boot manager to the windows boot menu or not. write y and click enter to confirm you want to add it, wait until the installation finish and click any button to quit the cmd window:


Restart your computer, now you get a new window in boot menu:

new windows appear in boot menu

Click on it then click 1 on the keyboard to install boot manager :

install boot manager

Write y to start installation, wait until installation complete and click any button to quit. now if you enter in it you find that many options are unlocked :

Now if you click 8 on the keyboard you get a list of hotkeys :

list of hotkeys

As you see i highlight the main menu because here it list the important hotkeys to boot from FLOPPY or CD or USB

now reboot and you get a screen like this  :

boot from usb

Now you can choose USB ( make sure your usb is bootable), or CD-ROM and also FLOPPY DISK. or instead you can just choose hard disk and run your Operating System.

also you can go HERE  to see a description to how install this tool to other platforms.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial if you have any questions or you need support just leave a comment.

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