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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Google update DRIVE application for Android and iOS and add gmail feature to it

Google has announced a number of updates in the google drive application for android and iOS devices.

Google said through google drive official page on google plus network, that both cloud service applications for android and iOS devices support My Google Maps feature that was announced a few days ago. this feature allow users to create custom maps via Google Drive service directly and easily. and also the user can provide these maps with layers and interested points to him. then saved them on the cloud storage service, so the user can return to these maps at any time.
Google added under the new updates, a feature that makes the users of Google Drive application able to use audio commands  to search and call files, which the commands can be routed through the Google Search application without the need to open the cloud service.
The company also explained that it updated the cloud storage service application for iOS system with a feature give the user the ability to upload files on the service from any of the other applications that are installed on the same device,  without using the Google Drive application to upload files.
The new update of Google Drive application for iPhone and iPad devices fix a number of  holes in previous versions and also improve overall performance.
Google Drive with it new updates for iOS is available through the app store, while the application for android system is available in Google Play Store.
In contrast, google began providing a feature for all users of Google Drive Service that allows them to attach any of the files stored on their account directly to Gmail.
The service was previously allows users to send files stored in Google Drive through Gmail by using a link, and in case the original sender delete it, the file will be lost. but with this new feature, the receiver can store the file on his account, even if the sender delete that file.
Also the user can send a file from him account on Google Drive service directly when creating a new message via Gmail by clicking on the cloud storage service icon to show him the files stored on his account and choose one of them to upload and attach it within the message.

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