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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Guess The World quiz

Guess The World Quiz is a trivia multiplayer game that help you to improve your general knowledge by answer thousands of questions about many categories like science, geography, history, culture, capitals, sport, nature, movies and much more.
with this quiz game you will learn everything about world geography in easy and enjoyable way.
The challenge in this trivia game based on how strong your knowledge based is by answering a range of questions in various fields in specific time, and you have the ability to skip the question if you can't answer it. also you must answer questions carefully to complete the level.
With Guess The World quiz multiplayer feature you can also challenge your friends and test your expertise against them in a great way. and that is the true test of your education level. the multiplayer mode work like this : the two players can see the questions in their side . who will give the answer first, his answer will be considered. and who answer 13 questions first will be the winner of the challenge.
Guess The World Quiz features :
● Brief and clear questions.
● A descriptive answer of each questions regardless of whether they are true or false.
● Thousands of questions that is easy in the start of the game and get harder under the progress through the levels in different categories like science, geography, cartoon and movies, capitals, Nature, culture, technology, sport and much more.
● Multiplayer mode to challenge your friends and make the game more competitive.
● The ability of skip difficult questions .
● The Quiz not only give questions about only specific country or certain category, it addressing general topics and many categories to improve your overall knowledge.
● Control the sound by turning it on or off
● Share the game in social platforms like Facebook and Google plus, and also rate the game feature.
●Try my other applications and game with just one single click.
● Regular updates.
● when you quit the game and return to it again. you will not begin from the start. you will continue to play the last level you unlock before you exit .
● nice and simple graphics with high quality. with an user friendly interface.
● support of tablets ! so you can play comfortably if you have tablet instead of smartphone.

Guess The World quiz lead you to the world of knowledge and increase your educational skills in different topics and categories .
Download this trivia game and start testing your brain and memory capability, and spend a great and enjoyable time in your android phone when you take a rest or have a free time:

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