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Saturday, December 20, 2014

BlackBerry Work with Boeing on the developement of its smartphone "Boeing Black"

Blackberry company work with the US aircraft manufacturer (Boeing) to develop a new smartphone based on android operating system and has a high degrees of security and working, according to what CEO of the canadian company said on friday.

this smartphone or who called "Boeing Black"  have many features such as destroying itself if it  was tampered with, and also can encrypts the calls, Boeing Black will help the government agencies that need to keep their communications and data more secure
The CEO of blackberry said in a conference call held to discuss the quarterly results " We are delighted because Boeing company is cooperates with blackberry to provide some security solutions for devices that based on Android operating system by using our platform BES 12  "
BES 12  or Blackberry Enterprise Service is a service that allows customers like corporations and government agencies to manage and secure not only Blackberry devices in the internal network, but also the ones that are running competitive systems such as Android and iOS
The boeing company had declared  its entry into the smartphone industry, and revealed of its smartphone "Boeing Black" which then described as a dedicated to "anonymous agents " in last 26 February.

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