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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Facebook Allows users to review the best moments of their participation in 2014 through a special page

Facebook began  allowing all users of its social network to review the most prominent posts on their accounts during 2014, through a special page available under the name of "YEAR IN REVIEW".

Facebook choose automatically in the "year review" page, the best moments that users shared in their accounts and got great reaction from the rest of their friends on facebook.
The page includes a selected text and photo posts categorized  according to the months of the year,  also the page is decorated with several cartoony drawings the celebrate the end of the year.
Facebook not allow all its users yet the possibility of editing or sharing this page, where they can see it only through this link : yearinreview
The social network only providing the possibility of sharing and editing  to a limited users, especially the users who uses the site in english via the iPhone, and that can use the available editing tools and such as changing the most prominent posts according to the date of publication, or remove images that was selected automatically by the netowrk then add other images instead of them, in addition to the use of the possibility of publishing. and it is expected that Facebook will make these features available to all users in the next few days.

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